Work hard and be nice to people

Together we understand that our values showcase how we engage with both our candidates and our clients. We appreciate the potential severity of an individual not quite securing a position of a life time, we understand how both personally and professionally this affects our network and its within our DNA to go the extra mile in deeply qualifying the individuals motivators and needs. We really appreciate the integral part specific hires have for our clients and how candidate and client management runs far deeper than providing simple availability and a profile. Our clients are able to trust and have faith in our projections due to our delivery and honest expectations. We aim to really dig in terms of EVP, Situation, Problem, Implication and Need in order to retain our promises.

Balance Search

Our company values reflect who we are, what we do and where we're going.
Our 5 P's demonstrate who we are as people not just as a business.


The Courage to shape a better future


Leverage collective genius


Committed in both heart and mind


Attention to detail


Organisation is the key

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