Team As A Service

Engagement and transparency are at the core of what we do and our recruitment process has been designed to reflect this.

The right team is crucial for delivery within IT / Information Security and the implications of having either a broken or disjointed one are catastrophic. The “Information” or “Digital Age” is in some cases a worryingly overlooked topic and the realisation of businesses dependence on IT is apparent by the majority in all industry verticals.

At “BALANCE” we understand the severity of each individual hire and the impact they have within the team from scoping to execution.

Through our experience and credibility we have developed a trusted network or “community” of highly qualified and thought after skills. We are able to testify against each individual given we have worked with them previously and tend to recycle our successes whilst maintaining the new and fresh feel to each programme.

Clients are able to access “Team Build” files to create the ideal team. Dependant on work streams we would aim to bench mark a 3-2-1 (Interview, Offer, Appoint) methodology to each individual “Team Associate”.

We feel confident that the majority of top talent in the IT Transformation Change space is in the Interim world, from both Information Security and broader IT initiatives. Each member of the community is given a case study profile focused on their pillar and specialism with key detail on previous delivery and time bound work.

The client feedback and results are always enjoyably impressive.

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