Balance Search have access to top tier talent globally within our key vertical markets and are focused on ensuring clients locate, entice and bring on key individuals within niche and candidate driven IT areas.

With our knowledge, credibility and execution, we are able to “place” influential leadership or large global teams within taught and structured timescales, whilst delivering relevant and attractive talent in highly competitive and challenging areas by the deep understanding of our client’s business profile, EVP and message.

BALANCE’s network, image and disruptive conversion capability within the passive candidate market place compliments the programme and enables as little as 4 weeks until delivery and completion.

Each Campaign is tailored by in-depth consultation by one of our specialist Consultants and Campaign Director’s. We aim to further qualify our appreciation of our client’s image, strategy, and reason to then produce our key project / programme objectives, contractual responsibilities and tiered time frames to give the extra reassurance needed.

Process (Tailored by client and deliverables)

Week 1
Longlist, Data Map, Marketing and Qualify

Week 2
Shortlist, Convert, Commit and Submit

Week 3
Preapproved Interviews, Onsite Finals and Offers

Week 4
Acceptance, Resignation and Start

We suggest this almost to every client with a multi appointment project. The success and quality given in such short timescales is incomparable and is dramatically faster than your typical search process.

Admittedly without our credibility, network and understanding of our core market areas this would be beyond optimistic.

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